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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a real estate scheme that allows you to move into your desired apartment, continue to pay a fixed rental rate and own the house after a stipulated time frame. Essentially your rent pays for the house.
The rent is determined on a case by case basis depending on location and the prevailing rental rate for the environment. On the average, the RTO rate is about 150% of the average rent for the environment.
Usually, the rental period is between 2-15 years. The scheme provides option of paying off the rent at a discount should you decide to pay off when your cash flow can accommodate.
No, RTO is not a mortgage scheme and has several advantages over traditional mortgage. It is cheaper and more cost effective; the rental rate is fixed and does not change with change in interest rate; there are no anniversary charges; it is more flexible as it allows liquidation and pay off without penalty.
The project location is varied and we plan to have units available all over major cities in Nigeria. We will announce as new projects location emerge.
Simply logon to www.rto.ng, fill the application form and pay a non-refundable application fee of ten thousand naira only.
At the point of application, we carry out credit and other related checks from minimum of two credit bureaus to ensure the credibility of our potential subscriber. The application fee covers the cost. The report of the check will be made available to you on request.
No, application fee is not a guarantee of allocation on the scheme. After the credit and other checks, allocation is done on a first come first serve basis until all unit in a project are allocated. Where we are not able to allocate a slot for a qualified subscriber, they are automatically offered a slot in the next project.
Yes, you will be expected to pay our RTO commitment Fee upfront. You will be expected to pay the Legal fee when taking possession of the apartment
Yes, you can still subscribe, simply pick a proposed project that gives you enough time to save up the fee. You can save on the scheme on a monthly basis until the full fee is complete using our www.saversclub.ng platform.
From allocation to move-in will usually take 6-9 months.
We try to ensure each project is fully subscribed before commencement of development. This, help minimize finance cost. Every cost saving is transferred to subscribers and makes the scheme sustainable.
The scheme manager will start paying you interest on your up-front fees at the prevailing call deposit rate. This rate will be stipulated in your contract document.
The scheme manager and developer will provide a 6-12 month guarantee of repair for any structural defect not due to abuse or subscriber usage of the premises.
The rental payment commences immediately your HOME is handed over to you. The rental is paid on a monthly basis.
You do not want to miss the payment as it attracts 10% monthly surcharge in the first 3 months and you may lose your equity if the default persist for more than 3 months.
It covers your monthly rent, property insurance and finally, mortgage protection insurance.
It does not cover the service charge for the property, this charge depends on the facility provided and will be determined by the residents. It also does not cover land use charge and other taxes. This will be borne by the subscribers.
You can change your apartment on the scheme and transfer your equity but not rental to the new scheme as long as the new HOME is available under the Casafina RTO.
Yes you can, but you must notify RTO scheme manager and pay a contract transfer fee.
You may opt to stop at any time during the rental period, however you will only qualify for refund on the equity component of your RTO rental if you have been on the scheme for more than 5 years. Where you have been on the scheme for upwards of 5 years, you will be entitled to refund after deduction of 50% penalty, legal and prepayment fee. The refund is subject to finding a new replacement subscriber.
No, the scheme is privately managed and funded through our member only investment club www.onesqm.ng. A platform that provides high yield real estate investment opportunities.
We encourage and appreciate referrals. We pay a referral commission for every referral we get.
Kindly contact us via info@onesqm.ng

The Rent-To-Own Scheme is a hybrid of mortgage and other home ownership options without the disadvantages of both. The program is professionally managed to deliver value for homeowners and investor.


The RTO scheme is managed in partnership with a multifunctional team of specialist across finance, construction, insurance and risk management.

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