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Benefits of RTO



The RTO scheme allows home owners transfer their equity to properties in different locations, in cases of transfer, relocation et.c without having to start the entire application all over.

Cost Effective

Purchasing your house through the RTO scheme comes at a cheaper cost as compared to traditional mortgage. A conservative comparison shows net saving in excess of a million Naira on an annual basis for properties of the same value.

Guaranteed Rate

Unlike traditional mortgage rates which can be reviewed upwards depending on prevailing conditions, the RTO scheme guarantees a fixed rate throughout the tenure.

No hidden Fee

Apart from the annual RTO rental fee, there are no additional charges unlike traditional mortgage which comes with anniversary fee, insurance fee etc.

Tax Rebate

Payment on the RTO scheme can qualify you for a reduction on personal income tax.

No pre-liquidation fee or other charges after the FIXED BOND period.

Other Features


Fixed Bond Period

This represents the minimum period the homeowner must hold the property before he or she can out rightly purchase, transfer or upgrade to another property on the scheme. This is a minimum of 3 years (inclusive of the first 2 years paid upfront) depending on the project.

Flexibility - Upgrade, Relocation & Transfer of Equity

Homeowners under the scheme can upgrade to a bigger apartment or decide to change location depending on the availability of units within the scheme. Homeowner's accrued equity will be transferred to the new accommodation. Home owners can also transfer their existing equity to a third party after the fixed bond period.

Applicable equity transfer fee will apply in all cases.
Where there is transfer of equity to a third party, the new home owner must meet relevant underwriting considerations.

Insurance Policy


Properties and Participants under the RTO scheme are insured to the full value of the property with the developer listed as the primary beneficiary.

RTO Partnership

The RTO scheme is managed in partnership with a multifunctional team of specialists across finance, construction, insurance and risk management. This team is coordinated by Casafina Capital Limited, a real estate development and financing company.

Fund Managers

Investor and residual funds on the scheme is managed by professional fund managers (Union Trustees Limited).


The Rent-To-Own Scheme is a hybrid of mortgage and other home ownership options without the disadvantages of both. The program is professionally managed to deliver value for homeowners and investor.


The RTO scheme is managed in partnership with a multifunctional team of specialist across finance, construction, insurance and risk management.

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