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About RTO


One of the greatest aspirations of every human is the privilege of having a place to call HOME, not just a place to call HOME but a place that is called OUR OWN. For most people, the single largest investment and asset they will own will be their HOME. Their HOME and where it is located determines the outcome of their lives, the friends they meet, the opportunities they have, and who they become.

In spite of the very significance of our HOMES, it represents one of the most impossible dreams to achieve. The RENT TO OWN scheme was designed to help everyone achieve their dream of owning their HOME in the environment they currently live in or dream of living.

The RENT-TO-OWN scheme helps prospective HOME OWNERS move into their HOMES within 6-9 months and start making payments for the HOME over a convenient period of time up to a maximum period of twenty years.

Pay your house rent till
The House becomes yours

  • It's Cheaper than Mortgage
  • Fixed Annual Rent Charge
  • You can transfer Equity
  • No Hidden Charges

  • See Benefits


We serve and target young upwardly mobile working class population, All RTO projects are located within a short distance of targeted metropolitan environment. We target a commuting time of 30-45 minute from central business environment. We seek to balance proximity with cost of Land acquisition and construction.

Fees & Payments


There are three categories of payment under the RTO scheme. These fees are non-negotiable and vary from project to project depending on the type of unit, location and cost of development

1. Commitment Fee

This represents the first 2 year rental. It is paid upfront upon acceptance of the offer letter. It is equivalent to a two year RTO rental value but may vary from one project to the other and at the discretion of the developer.

2. Legal Fee

This fee is paid at the handover of the unit. This fee is usually 10% of the market value of the property

3. RTO Rental

This is the annual rental fee that will be paid by the home owner over the tenure of the contract. It consist of two inseparable components
  • (i) The annual rental is equivalent to the average rent within the environment where the project is located.
  • (ii) Equity contribution represents home owners instalment or annual down payment towards the final purchase of the house.

4. Transfer Fee

Where homeowners decide to transfer their equity to a third party, upgrade or transfer their equity to another property within the RTO scheme, a transfer fee is applied to the transaction. This transfer fee is 2.5% of the equity of the current property.

The Rent-To-Own Scheme is a hybrid of mortgage and other home ownership options without the disadvantages of both. The program is professionally managed to deliver value for homeowners and investor.


The RTO scheme is managed in partnership with a multifunctional team of specialist across finance, construction, insurance and risk management.

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