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Rent-To-Own Scheme

The RENT-TO-OWN scheme was created to help prospective HOME OWNERS move into their dream HOMES and make payment for the HOME over a convenient period of time, up to a maximum seventeen year tenure. Subscribers enroll on the RTO and move into their HOMES within 6-9 month. Each subscriber continue to pay the RTO annual rent. At the end of the agreed period, the subscriber assumes the ownership of the HOME.

OMEGA Courts
Opebi, Lagos
3 Car Parks
5 Bedrooms
2 Living Rooms
5 Bathrooms


Rent-to-Own scheme provides a flexible home ownership path for prospective homeowners. It provides several features inherently absent in similar scheme operational within the residential real estate market.

Pay your house rent till
The House becomes yours

  • It's Cheaper than Mortgage
  • Fixed Annual Rent Charge
  • You can transfer Equity
  • No Hidden Charges

  • Subscribe
Estate Layout
How this scheme works

The Rent-To-Own Scheme is a hybrid of mortgage and other home ownership options without the disadvantages of both. The program is professionally managed to deliver value for homeowners and investor.


The RTO scheme is managed in partnership with a multifunctional team of specialist across finance, construction, insurance and risk management.

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